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Building Considerate React Component APIs with TypeScript

TypeScript is often praised for adding a layer of bug protection on top of JavaScript applications. But, how can we also use TypeScript to improve the readability of our React component interfaces for our fellow team members? Just because types compile, doesn’t mean they are helping to document and describe our code for our future selves and others. Perhaps we can shift our perspective about TypeScript from a bug catching tool to a developer experience tool that enables us to write reasonable and intuitive code interfaces. In this talk, you will learn how to think like a consumer and take advantage of basic and advanced TypeScript types to enhance the readability of your React component APIs.

About Daria

Daria is a Speaker, Certified Scrum Master and Software Engineer at Workday where she builds consumer grade experiences for the enterprise user. Daria currently resides in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado where she will often be found at the rock climbing gym or hanging out with her cat, Odin.

Daria Caraway
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