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A gathering place where engineers test & expand their knowledge of a subject through discussion, moderated by experts.

Topic 1: GraphQL

Lee Byron

Lee is the co-creator and maintainer of GraphQL. He recently left Facebook after nearly 10 years to help lead web engineering at Robinhood, a free and simple investing platform. Lee has been instrumental in creating many of the most popular open source libraries used by millions of developers worldwide including React, Immutable.js, Yarn, Prettier, Flow, and others.

Eve Porcello

Eve Porcello is the co-owner of Moon Highway, a training and curriculum development company based in Northern California. She is an active corporate trainer, creates courses for LinkedIn Learning, and is the co-author of O’Reilly’s Learning GraphQL and Learning React.

Topic 2: D3

Swizec Teller

Hi I’m Swizec, a geek with a hat. Rumor has it my bird is more popular these days than my hat 🤔 I’ve made some books and courses on web development and working on more. Been doing JavaScript since before jQuery was cool and building my first React component back in 2015 blew my mind.

Topic 3: A11Y

Jen Luker

Jen Luker is a Lead software engineer at Formidable, a BookBytes podcast co-host, and a member of the RxJS learning team. She has spent a majority of her decade-long career as a full-stack developer using PHP, Javascript, and CSS, but has a particular fondness for front end technologies. Jen trains others in ReactJS and accessibility, loves optimizing webpack builds, and codes apps in React Native. When she’s not finding solutions, learning new technologies, or reading, her spare time is spent spinning yarn from raw wool and knitting; she’s even been known to 3D print her own tools for the job. Jen is also fascinated by all things space, enjoys vintage cars, and is always looking for good conversation.

Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle works as a full-stack Web Developer and Scrum Master at CashStar in Portland, Maine. She loves all things JavaScript and has been deeply focused on React for the last 2+ years. Her most notable OSS contributions include: react-a11y, react-dates, react-timezone, react-times, and react-redux-form. Much of the last 1-2 years she has been working on creating an eCommerce web application that is not only WCAG compliant but an actual pleasant user experience for those with disabilities. She now tries to be a local evangelist for accessibility and the accessible user experience. She is also passionate about code quality and writing beautiful code, using a pragmatic approach to moving quickly and developing iteratively, continuous integration and deployment, and documentation and process improvement. As a native Floridian, she’s still getting used to life in Maine with her husband and two boys. In her free time (when she finds it on rare occasions!), she’s a jack of all hobbies, master of none, which include but are not limited to: reading, movies, video games, knitting, crocheting, meditating, learning to play banjo, cooking, baking, mechanical keyboards, running, hiking, yoga, gardening, attendings lots of the kids’ sporting events, loving her fur babies (cats and dogs), etc.

Topic 4: Reason

Jared Forsyth

Jared Forsyth is a mobile and web developer at Khan Academy, where he’s working to lower barriers to education around the world. He wrote the React Devtools extension for Chrome and Firefox, and enjoys experimenting with syntax, type theory, and design.

Sean Grove

Avid reason fan working with React, Clojure, Rust, GraphQL & Reason. Founder of OneGraph, tool unifying all relevant API under one graphQL roof.

Topic 5: WASM

Jay Phelps

Reactive programming nut and compiler enthusiast. Jay is a former Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Lover of all things open source, his contributions span numerous ecosystems and active in the community as a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and W3C WebAssembly Community Group member.

Syrus Akbary

Syrus is the CEO and founder of Wasmer, a company focused on creating universal binaries powered by WebAssembly. Wasmer provides a way to execute WebAssembly files universally on the server-side.

Topic 6: TypeScript

Swyx Wang

Swyx is an Infinite Builder working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at and /r/reactjs.

Topic 7: Hooks

Ken Wheeler

Ken is an avid React user and advocate. He is the author of React-Music and the creator of Spectacle.

Topic 8: Redux

Mark Erikson

Mark is a software engineer living in southwest Ohio, USA, where he patiently awaits the annual heartbreak from the Reds and the Bengals. Mark is a Redux maintainer, author of the Redux FAQ, maintains the React/Redux Links list and Redux Addons Catalog, tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at He can be usually found in the Reactiflux chat channels, answering questions about React and Redux.

Topic 9: React Native

Harry Tormey

Harry is an mobile developer at Coinbase who built native iOS applications at Apple and Facebook. He recognized the potential of React Native in 2015 and has been building most of his projects with it since 2016. He enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with others at conferences and technical workshops.

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