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sept 7 - 8 • san francisco

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Your Neighborhood React Conference

This special edition of Reactathon features an evening reception + full day of technical talks in the heart of San Francisco on all things React. Come hang out with and learn from some of the brightest minds and best speakers in the JS/React community, and join the workshops for more in-depth lessons.


Jen Luker's image

Jen Luker

Formidable Labs

A11Y & Accessibility

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Ryan Burgess


Testing into a better user experience

Amjad Masad's image

Amjad Masad plugins in React & Redux

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Jeremias Menichelli


View Transitions for Web Apps

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James McNamara

Functional Lenses in JavaScript

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Lauren Tan


Learning to Love Type Systems

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Brian Holt


10K or Bust: The delicate power of webpack & babel

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Desmond Brand


Optimizing Performance with Code Splitting

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Eve Porcello

Moon Highway

⚡⚡GraphQL in 3 Components⚡⚡

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Laurie Voss


10 things you didn't know about NPM

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Brian Leroux

VanillaJS: Capabilities & Trajectory

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Brian Douglas


Master of Ceremonies

full schedule of talks

Welcome Reception

The conference starts on the evening of Sept 7 with a reception featuring food, drinks, and good company!

You're welcome to casually socialize and make new friends, and also encouraged to learn something new at one of the moderated Topic Tables!

Topic Table


  1. A gathering place where engineers test & expand their knowledge of a subject through discussion, moderated by experts.

Sarah learned a lot about data visualizations with React & D3 by chatting with Swizec at the topic table.

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Jen Luker avatar

Jen Luker

Jen Luker is a Lead software engineer at Formidable, a BookBytes podcast co-host, and a member of the RxJS learning team. She has spent a majority of her decade-long career as a full-stack developer using PHP, Javascript, and CSS, but has a particular fondness for front end technologies. Jen trains others in ReactJS and accessibility, loves optimizing webpack builds, and codes apps in React Native. When she...

Erin Doyle avatar

Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle works as a full-stack Web Developer and Scrum Master at CashStar in Portland, Maine. She loves all things JavaScript and has been deeply focused on React for the last 2+ years. Her most notable OSS contributions include: react-a11y, react-dates, react-timezone, react-times, and react-redux-form. Much of the last 1-2 years she has been working on creating an eCommerce web application that is no...

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Eve Porcello avatar

Eve Porcello

Eve Porcello is the co-owner of Moon Highway, a training and curriculum development company based in Northern California. She is an active corporate trainer, creates courses for LinkedIn Learning, and is the co-author of O'Reilly's Learning GraphQL and Learning React.

Jon Wong avatar

Jon Wong

Jon is an engineer on the Frontend infrastructure team at Coursera where he works to help developers focus on the problem at hand: building a world-class learning experience! He's been using GraphQL for over a year and loves using it for every product he builds and is looking forward to share the joy of GraphQL with as many people as he can!

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Swizec Teller avatar

Swizec Teller

Hi I'm Swizec, a geek with a hat. Rumor has it my bird is more popular these days than my hat 🤔 I've made some books and courses on web development and working on more. Been doing JavaScript since before jQuery was cool and building my first React component back in 2015 blew my mind.

More topics and moderators to be announced!

You can apply to be a moderator here.

Additional Info


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The conference is held at GitHub's beautiful downtown headquarters! Come join us for plenty of great talks, lots of food, & ample opportunity to socialize and network!


Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott

A 10-minute walk from both GitHub and the Montgomery St. BART (subway) station, this comfortable hotel is the perfect fit. Be sure to use our conference code to secure special rates.


SF cable car

Friday Fun Day

Join us on Friday afternoon for fun social activities! Ride the cable cars, climb the city's secret steps for some amazing views, and enjoy lunch with some new friends!



New Workshops

Want to get more in depth on a subject? We're offering a number of technical workshops from leaders in the industry.


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