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Let's put Deno into production

Deno is a brand new JavaScript runtime from the creator of Node with many compelling characteristics. We can anticipate many folks will be trialing Deno in 2020 whenever it hits the 1.0 milestone. Lambda makes it easy to spin up a custom runtime behind the hyperscale serverless infrastructure of AWS. Combined these ideas are recklessly powerful. A pre-1.0 JavaScript runtime running on the cloud at first appears to be an inadvisable idea. The ecosystem is young! APIs will probably change! On the other hand, Lambda custom runtimes are isolated stateless execution environments that marshall JSON strings. Deno is based on V8 which is a very battle hardened tool for dealing with JSON strings. And the Deno standard library while subject to change before 1.0 is quite stable for most common tasks. In this talk we go deep into Deno. We’ll deploy a serverless backend to AWS with Deno and compare it directly to Node. How it works, what sets it apart from Node, what sorts of programs it is currently suitable for and where it is likely to go.

About Brian

Brian is the cofounder and CTO of, the fastest and easiest way to setup CI/CD gitops for serverless web apps on AWS. He is the creator and maintainer of OpenJS Architect, an open-source framework for generating and deploying AWS standard SAM/CloudFormation and coined the term FASTstack. He has been keeping a close eye on Deno since its earliest moments and is already using it in production today. You can catch him @brianleroux on Twitter where he talks about open source, JavaScript, serverless, faststack, Deno, and other developer-related stuff.

Brian Leroux
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