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Add authentication to your React app in 5 minutes with useAuth

Authentication is one of the fiddliest features to add to your single page app. You have to deal with JWT tokens, implement a server, keep track of users and permissions, deal with OAuth if you want social logins and that's just the backend. The client app then has to keep track of state, propagate it through your component tree, enable logging in and out, implement a form, and it's just a mess. So I built useAuth that handles all that for you. Use it as a React Hook anywhere and it handles the rest. 5min to set up ✌️

About Swizec

Swizec is a prolific engineer, instructor, blogger, streamer, conference speaker, and author. He's published many books and courses including React for DataViz, React + D3v4, Data Visualization with D3.js, the work-in-progress Serverless Handbook, and others. He maintains a Rails app pulling 20 requests per second, a serverless system doing a million requests per day, and wishes his side projects were just as popular.

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