We’ve assembled a team of top engineers who build with the technologies they’re teaching every day. From core-contributors and senior engineers well-known on the conference and workshop circuit, you’ll learn in hours what they’ve have mastered over years.

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Swizec Teller

Senior Engineer at Yup Technologies

10:00 am

Building Data Vizualizations with React + D3

Thursday, March 28 • 7 hours

Become a data visualization engineer with React + D3v4. Creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations on the web is a pain. It gets really hard when you add animation, inter-connected dashboards, and fast performance on mobile devices. You’re either using libraries you can’t customize, copy pasting D3 examples you don’t understand, or battling documentation to write spaghetti code you can’t reuse. It’s okay, we’ve all been there :) In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to build modern data visualization the maintainable way.
  • Modeling your code as a state machine in React apps
  • D3 Fundamentals
  • Different ways to integrate D3 with React
  • Investigate the pros and cons of each method
  • Build something beautiful together

By the end of this workshop you’ll have the tools you need to build any dataviz challenge your boss or client throws at you. Even if they ask you to animate 20,000 datapoints on a 5 year old phone.

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Swizec Teller

Senior Engineer at Yup Technologies

10:00 am

Build and launch a modern web app with React

Friday, March 29 • 7 hours

The web has never been so productive. You can build and launch a whole new app in just a few hours. It’s crazy! You can build what huge teams with large budgets could only dream of a few years ago.

  • Beautiful UI? Got that.
  • Great SEO? Yep. Easy.
  • Amazing lighthouse speed scores? You got it.
  • Running heavy code on the backend? Done.
  • Saving user data? Yepp.
  • Works on mobile? Of course.
  • What about an offline PWA? D’oh.
  • Makes money? Yep got that too.

Maybe it’s not your job to do all that in your company right now. The bigger the company, the smaller your area of expertise. But wouldn’t it be awesome, if you could do all of that?

What if next time you have an idea for a great feature, you just build it? Own the whole stack from start to finish. You’d be a superhero!

Or maybe it’s just for you. Great idea for a project, an app, a painful problem you want to solve? Now you can.

  • How to set up a static webapp with Gatsby
  • Why that’s important for SEO and speed scores
  • How to build good looking UIs without design skills
  • How to move some functionality to the backend using a serverless approach
  • How to use serverless to store user data
  • Using GraphQL to query your data
  • How to monetize your creation

You’ll leave this full-day workshop knowing some of the most powerful (and fun!) technologies that make web development in 2019 so amazing.

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Erin Doyle

Staff Software Engineer at CashStar

10:00 am

Building Accessible Web Apps with React

Saturday, March 30 • 7 hours

There is a significant portion of the population that have a disability that impairs their ability to effectively use the web. For some companies this is a usability concern in the pursuit of not excluding users or customers and for others it’s a legal compliance concern. There are many tools and techniques available today that now make it possible to make our web apps accessible and even provide a great user experience inclusive of all users. However, it’s a broad landscape and can be overwhelming where to start! This workshop aims to give students a strong head start by covering the following:

  • Learn about the different disability groups and how they are impacted by web in-accessibility
  • Work with tools for inspecting and testing for accessibility issues
  • Learn to access web sites in the same way impaired users do
  • Write accessible and extensible UI elements
  • Write accessible custom UI widgets
  • Iteratively test to see our accessibility issues resolved!

By the end of this workshop hopefully students will have a much better understanding of their target users and how to approach their web apps from those perspectives when testing for accessibility. The tools learned should help jump start students’ ability to audit their own web apps for accessibility issues and point them towards how to learn more and effectively resolve those issues. Finally students will end up with a nice base of example React components that are accessible and can be used or built upon in their own applications.

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Jared Forsyth

Mobile Infrastructure Engineer at Khan Academy

10:00 am

Reason Dojo - Build a ReasonReact App

Saturday, March 30 • 3.5 hours

Reason offers a compelling vision, with a battle-tested type-system, powerful tooling, first-class javascript interop, and exciting cross-platform possibilities. At the Reason Dojo you’ll work together to build your first ReasonReact app, a podcast client, working your way through the type system, styling, reducer components, data fetching, and more. In this workshop, you will:

  • Work in teams to learn from each other & move faster
  • Learn the basics of the type system to manage state and dispatch actions
  • Handle JSON data from a REST endpoint
  • Bridge to javascript to take advantage of the npm ecosystem
  • Demo your app and share insights & struggles to help inform the future of Reason

By the end of this workshop you’ll walk away with sound principles for working with Reason.

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