Frequently Asked Questions

How does the conference help to facilitate connections between attendees?

There's more to conferences than just the talks -- meeting new people and discussing in the 'Hallway Track' are a vital part of an event! However, we've noticed that it can be difficult to start new conversations and meet new people. This is why we take many steps to facilitate discussion:
  • Topic Tables. This event takes place on Day 1, following the opening keynote and lightning talks. It is designed to help you easily discover the topics that you care about and are interested in, and more easily engage in conversation with others, or simply listen to others discuss. The topics are managed by industry leaders -- maintainers and core-contributors of popular libraries and projects in the extended React ecosystem -- but you're encouraged to chat with other attendees in the area who are also interested in that topic! Topic Tables are a great way to engage in conversation and meet some new friends -- which will make the rest of your conference experience better! And who knows, you could make a new friend for life.
  • The Pac-Man Rule. This simple rule encourages group conversations to always keep an opening in their circle of discussion. That way, passers-by are encouraged to join in the conversation!
  • Badge questions. We ask two questions at checkout that will appear on your badge: 'What's one thing you're passionate about', and 'What's one thing you want to learn'. This helps to break the ice and start conversations between two people who've never met before!
  • Breaks. We have frequent breaks and an extended lunch period that allow you to reflect on the talks, discuss with and connect with other attendees, and make new friends!
  • Topic Walks. The Topic Tables are have been one of the most beloved activities at Reactathon. Attendeees love them because they help you not only to identify the topics you care most about to maximize your value to time ratio, but also to easily break the ice and connect with new people! This year, we are expanding on this concept with Topic Walks. Since our hotel is in the beautiful Japantown, and the venue is in beautiful Pacific Heights, you can meet one of the Topic Walk managers (or just other attendees) at the hotel and head to a nearby restaurant in Japantown or the Fillmore District, check out the beautiful parks & vistas at Alta Plaza Park & Lafayette Park, or just head for an aimless stroll and take in all the beautiful architecture and views. We'll meet at the official hotel (TBD) at 10:00am.
  • Activities. We will have various activities during breaks for you to connect with others who are also interested in those activities. Additionally, we provide you with an attendee guide and map to see all the top restaurants, bars, parks, world class historic music venues, and hiking areas/scenic walks in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and other sights in greater San Francisco!
  • Sponsors. All of our sponsors are using React in production, and are solving interesting engineering and product-related problems. We encourage you to chat with them about how they're using React, how their API or service works, and see if you can learn something from each other!
  • Pronouns. Pronouns of all attendees will appear on the badge to ensure friendliness and compliance with our code of conduct.

Will there be a parents’ room at the venue?

Yes. We provide a quiet indoor space for parents on premise.

    Do you offer childcare services?

    Unfortunately we will not have childcare services for this event.

      I’ve lost something, or found something. What should I do?

      Head to the Coat & Bag Check, which doubles as the Lost & Found. See if your item is there, or drop off an item you’ve found. Email if you’re unable to come to the desk in person.

        Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

        We will provide copious vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb options in addition to standard fare. If you have any special allergies or sensitivities, you can let us know on the checkout form after purchase.

          Will there be gender-neutral bathrooms at the conference?


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