Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reactathon have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. All attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff must abide by our  code of conduct  Also included in the COC are methods for reporting violations both in-person and anonymously. We encourage you to read it.

    How do you promote inclusion and accessibility at this conference?

    Conferences are not always accessible to folks who are not full-time employed. They are often very expensive to operate and manage, especially in the SF Bay Area -- one of the most expensive areas in the world. Also being an outdoor event, our A/V costs are enormous due to the required LED screen, which are orders of magnitude more expensive than projectors. As such, the per-person cost of this event is extremeley high, and we are limited in many respects by fundamental financial limitations. The organizer of this conference is an independent organizer -- and this event has no official corporate backing apart from our sponsors. That said, we take a number of steps to ensure that we are providing a conference that is accessible to those who cannot afford it and/or are underrepresented in the tech community, with a specific focus on intersectionality. We offer diversity scholarships to provide a number of folks with free or heavily-discounted admission to the event. A limited number of students can receive a heavy discount with proof of current enrollment. Individuals and companies also have the opportunity to sponsor one or more individuals by paying for their admission to the conference -- simply by purchasing a 'Diversity/Scholarshop' ticket on the tito registration page. Lastly, we encourage and promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere at the event, which are clearly communicated on our Code of Conduct and also the 'Amenities' section of this FAQ page., and reinforced by the MC and other official communications.

      Do you offer diversity scholarships?

      We offer a limited number of free and discounted diversity scholarships. Please  fill out this form before March 24.

        Do you offer student discounts?

        We have a limited number of student discounts available. Contact to request it. Please include proof of current enrollment (photo of the front and back of your valid student ID) and a photo of your state-issued ID (feel free to black out your ID number and your address, but do not black out your name).

          Are you serving alcohol?

          Yes, we will provide beer & wine during the welcome reception on May 2 and the offsite afterparty on May 3. All consumption of alcohol requires age verification with a government-issued photo ID.

            I do not want to appear in photography or videography. What should I do?

            Inform the registration team at check-in that you do not want to be photographed. We have lanyards that will identify you as someone who wishes to not appear in videography and photography. Our photographers and videographers will do their best to ensure that you do not appear in any photos. That said, we are documenting this event with both photography and videography, and you may still appear in photos and videos, especially in the background. We will do our best to ensure you are not featured as the main subject in photos and videos but cannot guarantee it. Also, note that removing your no-photo lanyard is consent to appear in photos or videos. If you want to be 100% certain that you won't appear in videos/photographs, we advise you to watch the talks from the comfort of your own home via the videos to be released after the event.

              Do you offer refunds?

              No. Your purchase removes the limited number of tickets from the market and is final. We do not provide refunds. However, you can transfer your ticket. Go to the ticket confirmation email from Tito, and click the button labeled 'Change Details'. On the page it takes you to, click the button 'Re-assign' and change the name and email to the person you are transferring the ticket to.
                  Conference Tickets. If the event moves forward as planned, we cannot issue refunds for cases other than government-issued travel restrictions, or proof of a positive test result within 48 hours from the event date that prevents an attendee from admission. In the case of event postponement, your ticket will be transferred to the new date of the conference. We will not be issuing refunds due to event postponement.
                    Workshop Tickets. In the event that the in-person workshops are cancelled, we will run them online. Attendees will be refunded 20% of their workshop ticket to compensate for the lack of in-person experience.

                      How can I get a receipt of my ticket purchase?

                      The person who pays for the ticket will receive an email order and confirmation. In that email is a hyperlink button labeled 'View Receipt'. Click that for a PDF receipt.

                        Do you sponsor visas?

                        We will not be sponsoring visas this year.

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