Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are being taken to ensure safety at this event?

We believe that COVID-19 has become endemic and is not a short-term phenomenon that can be eradicated with time or collecive isolation. Animal reservoirs & our need to continue our economy and day-to-day life make this impossible. Until and unless a miracle occurs, new variants will continue to emerge. Given this new reality, and to provide a pathway forward, the following safety measures will be employed and enforced to the strictest possible extent, which we believe will lower the possibility of transmission as close to 0 as humanly possible:
  • Anyone present on-site including attendees, sponsors, speakers, vendors, staff, and volunteers, are required to prove full vaccination, and provide a negative test result within 48 hours (for PCR) or 24 hours (for Antigen) of admission, and submit to a daily health screening with temperature check. Full vaccination is defined as 2 or more doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or 1 or more of the J&J vaccine. Antigen and rapid RT-PCR tests will be available on-site for those who do not meet the testing requirement (paid for by the attendee -- receipt given for insurance/company reimbursement; those with Kaiser insurance can have insurance billed directly).
  • Surfaces will be sanitized regularly, and hand sanitizer will be available at every sponsor booth and other locations. You will also receive a personal hand sanitizer with your swag items.
  • Meals are served on compostable single-use serving dishes & trays, in a "grab and go" style.
  • Apart from the workshops, the event is entirely outdoors. There is still no evidence that the virus transmits effectively outdoors. Coupled with the admission requirements pointed out above, we believe the risk for transmission is as low as possible.
  • Given these safety measures, we will likely make masking optional unlesss directed otherwise by government or health officials.
Given these points above, we are providing a pathway forward to return to some form of normalcy. The past two years have been incredibly difficult on the mental health of many people. The extended isolation has created a parallel pandemic of depression, hopelessness, and anxiety. Humans are social beings and we need face-to-face interaction to look forward to and experience. With the above safety measures in place, we believe that this event will provide much needed respite, hope, and inspiration that only true in-person interactions and connections can provide.

    I can't take the vaccine. Can I still come?

    If you cannot take the vaccine due to a medical issue, an exemption can be made with proof of a doctor's note. You will still be required to submit proof of negative test result within 48 hours (for PCR) or 24 hours (for Antigen) of admission, and submit to daily temperature checks.

      I've recovered from Covid within the past 90 days. Am I still required to show proof of a negative test?

      Per recommendations from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), in lieu of testing, you may provide documentation of recovery & release from isolation from your healthcare provider.

        What is involved in the Health Screening?

        The health screening is a few questions that ask about your current health, known contact with Covid-positive indivduals, and documenting your temperature.

          What are the policies around the temperature checks?

          The CDC defines a fever as 100.4 degrees fahrenheit. If your temperature is at this level or above from the laser temp reader, you have the option of taking a mouth temperature test for a more accurate reading. If your temperature still shows to be 100.4 or higher, you will be unable to attend for the duration of the event and will be advised to return home or to your hotel and isolate. If your temperature is elevated on the first day, you will be refunded the price of your ticket, less processing fees. If it is elevated on subsequent days, you will be refunded 50% of your ticket, less processing fees.

            In what instances will the conference be postponed, cancelled, or taken online?

            The conference will move forward in-person unless shut down by local, state, or federal government or health officials.

              Refunds & financial implications

              Conference Tickets. If the event moves forward as planned, we cannot issue refunds for cases other than government-issued travel restrictions, proof of a positive test result within 48 hours from the event date that prevents an attendee from admission, or an elevated temperature of 100.4 or greater at check-in. Refunds are net of processing fees. In the case of event postponement, your ticket will be transferred to the new date of the conference. We will not be issuing refunds due to event postponement.
                Workshop Tickets. In the event that the in-person workshops are cancelled, we will run them online. Attendees will be refunded 20% of their workshop ticket to compensate for the lack of in-person experience.
                  We remain optimistic that the conference will move forward as planned. We will publish updates here and announce them on Twitter (@reactathon), and also keep all ticketholders informed via email updates.

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